Friday, September 09, 2005


In all the stories, predictions, and hopes regarding the Ronnie Earle investigation into Tom DeLay's conduct in the 2002 Texas state legislative elections, there is one line I was worried about someday reading. From the AP story on yesterday's indictment of TRMPAC:

District Attorney Ronnie Earle, a Democrat, said he had no jurisdiction over Mr. DeLay's personal conduct.

Earle is district attorney in Travis County. He has wide latitude in investigating the actions of state elected officials because they work in Austin, which is in Travis. DeLay neither works nor lives there. He is a resident of Fort Bend County, and would have had to have been accused of committed a crime in Travis to be indicted by Earle's grand jury.

This doesn't mean DeLay is not guilty. It means the legal strategy may have to change. More later.


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