Thursday, September 29, 2005

News Round-Up

There's a lot of news out there on the DeLay indictment from all sorts of angles. This, folks, is wall-to-wall saturation media coverage.

The big outlets are doing two, three, four parts of this, or some combo of the following themes:

1) the news story; 2) what it means for the GOP; 3) timeline, or how did we get here; 4) editorial and op-eds proclaiming that this is a) good for democracy, or b) bad for democracy; 5) profiles on DeLay; 6) profiles on District Attorney Ronnie Earle; 7) profiles on the new Majority Leader, Roy Blunt; and 8) the schism in the Republican House caucus on the selection of a new majority leader.

Meghan, Nancy and I will help pull together interesting news coverage on this over the next hour or so.


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