Friday, September 09, 2005

On to Fort Bend County?

Read this excerpt from R.G. Ratcliffe's Houston Chronicle article this morning about directions the TRMPAC case could take:

But Travis County District Attorney Ronnie Earle hinted that he might have indicted DeLay if the congressional leader had fallen under his jurisdiction. Because DeLay lives in Sugar Land, jurisdiction under Texas election law would fall to Fort Bend County District Attorney John Healey Jr.

"One problem we have, as you know, is with certain individuals (and) has to do with jurisdiction," Earle said.

Earle declined to say whether he had referred any information to Healey. Healey was not available for comment.


  • Delay, please shutup once and for all.

    The only thing you're good for is receiving an indictment for your crimes.

    Lets see, several indictments for accepting bribes from convicted criminals including Jack Abramoff.

    Multiple indictments for fraud, and being involved with TRMPAC. (Which, a real prosecutor is going to take over to your home village)

    And indictments for slandering federal judges while on the air.

    The worst part is, Delay, that's not what you deserve at all. You deserve the biggest indictment there is: A FUCKING CITATION FOR SPOILING AMERICA'S IMAGE WORLDWIDE!!!!!

    They all hate us, because of scum like you Delay. Because you helped your cronies and did illegal things, in the name of patriotism. That is what is sick.

    You must be out as leader and out period once probation starts. To hell with waiting Delay, get out of the room and lets get the GOP and Dems to begin impeachment.

    Hastert seems to be equally as crooked, who has taken the files from Sibel Edmonds related to bribes and Turkey into a special prosecutor?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:34 PM  

  • Corruption in Ft Bend County Texas
    Here are a few interesting facts to prove that Fort Bend County leads the state in political corruption. To understand this you must know that this is the home of Tom Delay and the DA is under his control.
    Elected officials and other public officials act without worry of criminal prosecution. Allow me to explain.
    1. We had a director of Road and Bridge in Ft Bend who was caught by Bev Carter (local reporter)stealing from the county. He lost his job but the DA refused to indict.
    2. A group of Rosenberg Police Officers put their careers on the line and made allegations of illegal conduct against the Chief of Police and others in the administration. Again the DA refused to take the cases to the Grand Jury. Those officers are all gone and the Chief and his boys are all still there. These allegations extend from theft to civil rights violations. But in the home of Tom Delay that is all OK
    3. The county judge refused to disclose his interest in a company who does millions of dollars of business with the county. But that is OK also. Not to mention how much money he takes each year in political contributions which in this case may not be legal.
    4. This week a Houston Fire Capt. who was charged with Intox Assault was able to pay $25,000 to the victim and the DA reduced the charge to a misd. Nice to know if you pay someone large sums of money you can get your case dropped from Pen Time to misd. probation.
    5. One of his prosecutors has been accussed to tampering with a government document. The same exact allegations that Harris County JP Betty Brock Bell was convicted of last month. Yet, John Healey will not even allow an investigation to be conducted. I guess it is ok if you are one of his boys. Another example of a protected class.
    In fact his First Assistant DA refused to take a mandatory drug test. No problem for our DA. Another one of the protected Class.
    6. Then there is Tom Delay. Delay's lawyers and Travis County Da Ronnie Earle all claim and correctly so that an elected official can only be prosecuted in the county of their residence for violations of the election code. Yet the Ft Bend DA continues to do nothing. He will not even review the file. Just like the cases above.
    7. But then comes the trail. Tom Delay's largest contributor is Will and Bob Perry. The same Perrys who financed Swift Boat Vets against Kerry and paid large sums to block legislation to regulate new home construction. (they own Perry Homes) The Perrys contributed large sums to TRMPAC (Delay is now indicted for). They also were John Healey's largest contributor and they held a fund raiser for him in their home at the same time Ronnie Earle was trying to indict Delay. Who thinks there was a reason for such a large contribution at this time in History?
    Now, what other County in Texas is more corrupt than Fort Bend County.

    Next time we will talk about the corruption in the Ft Bend City of Rosenberg and their Mayor and Tom Delay

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:59 AM  

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