Sunday, October 16, 2005

Abramoff Helped eLottery Through DeLay's Office

An article in the Washington Post today outlining Abramoff's strategy and actions and how he used DeLay and his office to help defeat an internet gaming bill on behalf of his client eLottery.

Among the highlights:

"DeLay, an outspoken opponent of gambling, was an instrument, witting or unwitting, in eLottery's campaign, documents and interviews show. Along with Rudy, he was a guest on a golfing trip to Scotland. As majority whip, he cast a rare vote against his party on the Internet gambling bill and for the rest of the year helped keep the measure off the floor. He told leadership colleagues that another vote could cost Republican seats in the hard-fought 2000 elections."


"Abramoff got another strategy e-mail the next morning from Rudy. Rudy was on DeLay's staff but wrote 'we' as though he belonged to Abramoff's team. 'I think we should get weyrich to get like 10 groups to sign a letter to denny and armey on gaming bill,' Rudy wrote, referring to Free Congress Foundation Chairman Paul M. Weyrich and the House leaders.

"Sheldon got a private meeting with DeLay on July 13. 'I told him I strongly opposed the bill,' Sheldon told Congressional Quarterly at the time.

"A former DeLay staff member who spoke on the condition of anonymity said, 'Lou was a credible face' because Sheldon's religious credentials carried some weight with conservative voters.

"DeLay then told House Republican leaders that he was prepared to go against the anti-gambling bill."


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