Monday, October 03, 2005

DeLay Detritus: Monday News Round-up

On TV...
Indicted former Republican Majority Leader Tom DeLay was busy over the weekend, defending his honor on Fox News Sunday, predicting this would "be over very, very soon," and spewing venom about a "vast left-wing conspriacy."

Republican Connecticut Congressman Chris Shays said on CNN's Late Edition yesterday that the GOP should not return DeLay to leadership.

"We got elected basically by saying we would live by a higher moral standard, and I don't think recently we have," Shays said. "Tom's problem . . . is continual acts that border and go sometimes beyond the ethical edge."

Meanwhile, on CBS's "Face the Nation," Rep. David Dreier (R-CA), who heads the House Rules Committee, said that while DeLay won't be running the show, "he's a very important part of the team."

DeLay doesn't deserve to be part of the team. Please take a moment to sign our petition demanding that DeLay resign from Congress.

In the weekly newsmags...
DeLay makes the cover of this week's Newsweek, under the headline "Power Outage." Jonathan Alter, in column called "Tom DeLay's House of Shame," recalls a visit to DeLay's Capitol Hill office a decade ago to see the Congressman's "little black book" of lobbyists who wanted to meet with him. If the lobbyists were not Republicans and major contributors, DeLay confirmed, they wouldn't get into "the people's House."

"Thus began what historians will regard as the single most corrupt decade in the long and colorful history of the House of Representatives. Come on, you say. How about all those years when congressmen accepted cash in the House chamber and then staggered onto the floor drunk? Yes, special interests have bought off members of Congress at least since Daniel Webster took his seat while on the payroll of a bank," Alter writes. "And yes, Congress over the years has seen dozens of sex scandals and dozens of members brought low by financial improprieties. But never before has the leadership of the House been hijacked by a small band of extremists bent on building a ruthless shakedown machine, lining the pockets of their richest constituents and rolling back popular protections for ordinary people." (emphasis added)

There's too much to excerpt it all here...go check it out.

Time Magazine has Karen Tumulty and Mike Allen asking if the GOP can overcome their recent scandals in time for the midterm elections. While DeLay was on TV, asserting his innocence and guaranteeing his return to leadership, his allies seemed less certain.

"You leave a job like this, there is no coming back," says a top Republican official who likes DeLay and thinks he will be cleared. "Politics abhors a vacuum more than anything else, and it's going to move past him too quickly."

Think Progress picks up that the worst may still be to come for the indicted DeLay.

A former Abramoff associate who was questioned by the FBI in August says, "They had a lot of e-mails, a lot of traffic between our office and DeLay's office. There was nothing I saw that hit DeLay personally, but there was a lot of questionable stuff that was going on with his staff. 'Tom wants this. Tom wants that.' Was it really him or just the staff that was being aggressive?"


  • Good job Meghan; this is a good read and your synopsis of different sources is informative.

    By Blogger gudpackage, at 1:42 PM  

  • All have to clearly leave the man(Tom Delay) alone ...unless there is any evidence of any kind of fraud caught on tape.

    By the way does'nt the country as well as the world have plenty of work to do? I guess the Captial Hill libs are too bored..... they need more work to do.

    So please call any libs on the Hill and tell them Habit for Humanity needs help in building homes for famlies in need ...I bet President Carter would appreciate the help.


    *By the way I am a minority in very since of the word...think about it ...before you attack me

    By Anonymous lbjgal, at 6:48 PM  

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