Tuesday, October 11, 2005

DeLay's Media Megaphone

The AP reports that indicted former Republican Majority Leader Tom DeLay is "[s]etting aside his own aversion to the media" as he tries to defend himself in the court of public opinion, the Associated Press reports.

Since his first indictment on Sept. 28, DeLay has made more than 20 appearances on radio and television shows. Kathleen Jamieson, of the Annenberg Center at the University of Pennsylvania, says that DeLay has adopted the standard public relations strategy of defending himself and attempting to shore up his base.

It is becoming obvious from comments by many of his fellow members that his base is wavering. A problem that Jamieson says helps to explain DeLay's press strategy.

"Historically, when people on your side decide you need to go, you go," Jamieson said. "At that point, you can't argue you are innocent."

DeLay's media machine kicked into a similar gear last year after his admonishment by the House Ethics Committee, Suzanne Gamboa reports.

"DeLay, fellow Republican lawmakers and his supporters claimed victory, saying the committee exonerated him, even though the committee actually admonished DeLay and warned him in a letter to 'temper your future actions,'" she concludes.


  • I live in District 22 and the day after Mr. Delay was indicted I recieved a letter from him. He went on ( at length) about how he was innocent and Earle was the guilty one. Politics as usual. What was unusual about this letter was at the bottom of the second page was a place to cut off with my name and address on it and a place for me to check off that "I stood behind Mr. Delay". There was a self addressed envelope enclosed and I couldn't help but wonder if our taxes were being used for such foolishness. I was tempted to return it with a few words of wisdom , but thought better of it...

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