Friday, October 07, 2005

From a reader...

Sounds like the indicted former Majority Leader Tom DeLay and his attorneys have got to figure out a strategy, and soon. A Daily DeLay reader writes,

No half-way intelligent jury is going buy Delay's multiple-coincidence, "I'm just the piano player in the whorehouse" argument when Earle has documentary evidence of DeLay's day-to-day involvement in TRMPAC fundraising. And an Austin jury, where the jury pool has the highest percentage of college graduates of any jurisdiction in Texas? He's toast. I'd bet [DeLay's lawyer] DeGuerin is arguing strenuously to move for a change in venue and DeLay is saying no because he wants a quick trial. Let's hope DeLay wins that battle. DeLay is now our biggest ally in convicting DeLay. Just keep talking to the press, Tom, just keep talking.


  • You are very right!! His attorney will argue for a change of venue but having lived in Austin while studying at UT I have somewhat kept up with the politics of the only intellignet oasis in the redneck desert of Texas. Austin actually has the highest percentage of people under 40 with masters degrees than any city in the USA, according to both the Harvard Review and the Washington Post. However, the replublicants have been busy moving in to Travis County and have made somewhat of a dent in changing Austin's open-minded and tolerant environment into more of what these people do best, instilling a chill of fear and intolerance. Hopefully they have not poisoned the intellict of this progressive city, at least not enough to dilute the intelligence pool replaced with their lack thereof. It will also depend on which judge is sitting on the bench. Knowing how dirty and corrupt the current Texas political arena is with Gov.Rick Perry and his bigoted, nedneck mentality, he will try to find a way to quietly get the most conservative judge in Travis County to hear the petition for a change of venue so that they can have the trial moved to somewhere like Ft. Worth or Amarillo where the average person is a convervative Christian fundamentalist who thinks the Rotarians are too liberal and Patsy Klein is the American equivalent of Edith Piaf. Do keep in mind that although DA Earle is a Democrat, he has prosecuted far more Democrats in this Republicant controlled state than he has Repbublicants. However, you are still in the land of bush. If he can have his cronies orchestrate rigging of two national elections (let us not forget Florida in 2000 and Ohio in 2004, his henchmen certainly have the clout to rig a jury, as well as force a judge to have a change of venue. N'est pas?
    Bon chance!!!

    By Blogger PragmaticAmerican, at 10:05 AM  

  • Well said!! But unfortunately this case will strongly depend on the Judge. Hopefully this will climb the GOP ladder and go to Adolf Bush himself. I've met the most intellect individuals who still insist on Bush for President. They needed the tax cut of $430.00 to go to themselves for a case of beer and lottery tickets instead of having it givin to those who really need it, (Aid's/Cancer Research, Education, Environment etc.) I've always seen the Republican party mixing in with the bible (Political tactic which should be illegal). Funny that the southern Texas redneck states are getting the worst from there President. Yet they still stick up for him? An education barrier that has been drawn up by our government which will hurt us if Republicans are in office. It's the facts. But most Americans are simple minded creatures with Fairy Tale minds. ( Dr.Seuss + Income less than $25k per year + GED + Fox News + Confederate Flag = Republicans southern style who go to meetings and burn t's.

    I wish Jon Stewart would run for President.

    Strange Land

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:03 AM  

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