Wednesday, November 16, 2005

DeLay's Host Committee

PoliticalMoneyLine has DeLay's host committee:

DeLay’s Fundraising Host Committee
11/15/2005 11:32:53 AM

The names of sixty-seven host committee members for Rep. Tom DeLay’s fundraising event this week in Washington, D.C. appeared in a recent email invitation. They are Gary Andres, James J. Baker, Jim Barnett, Anthony Bedell, Wayne Berman, Tim Berry, David Bockorny, Jim Boland, Britton Clarke, Red Cavaney, Kirsten Chadwick, Mike Chappell, Roy Coffee, Chris W. Cox, Amy Jensen Cunniffe, J.D. Derderian, Robert Dotchin, Marcel Dubois, Gov. John Engler, Craig Felner, John Fish, Chris Giblin, Geof Gradler, Bruce Gates, Michael Hanson, Steve Hart, Ralph Hellmann, Mike Henry, Susan Hirschmann, David Hobbs, Mark Isakowitz, John Keliher, Tom Kuhn, Ed Kutler, Jennifer Lukawski, Kathryn Lehman, Glenn LeMunyon, Nelson Litterst, Jeff MacKinnon, Drew Maloney, Ann Meyer, Dan Meyer, Susan Molinari, Bill Morley, Jeff Munk, Bill Paxon, Tom Pyle, George Ramonas, Stuart Roy, Tim Rupli, Bob Rusbuldt, Bill Sarpalius, Rick Shelby, John Shelk, Bob Slaughter, Juli Sullivan, Edlu Thom, David Thompson, Carl Thorsen, Bill Timmons, Matt Trant, Mark Valente, Todd Walker, Robb Watters, Bruce Wilkinson, Darren Willcox, and Jim Whittinghill.

Via Ellen Miller at

UPDATE: A couple names jumped out, including Wayne Berman (pdf), who said in May 2003 that fundraising was "about the little people" because donations are limited to $2,000, and Stuart Roy, who just left DeLay's office for K Street.


  • Hi! I just found your blog through Google. I am posting information from the IRS Form 990s for Tom DeLay's charities at the TPM Cafe.

    Let me give you a quick summary of some of my findings.

    The three DeLay-related charities are the DeLay Foundation For Kids Inc., Oaks At Rio Bend Inc. and Celebrations For Children Inc.

    Celebrations For Children was the "charity" that was going to sponsor events at the Republican National Convention to get around the ban on soft money.

    I think the media thought Celebrations was inactive after it received a lot of negative publicity but Celebrations raised $293K and spent $210K in the year ended August 31, 2004. No money was donated to charity. Cash at 8/31/04 was $96k.

    Oaks At Rio Bend is the charity that is building housing for foster children in Fort Bend,TX. The DeLay Foundation For Kids is supposed to be its primary benefactor. Its year end is June 30.

    Oaks At Rio Bend changed its tax id number between fiscal 2002 and 2003 which actually created a new entity. Coincidentally or not, land was donated to Oaks At Rio Bend in 2003 by the George Foundation. The George Foundation owns something like 21,000 acres in Fort Bend County.

    The George Foundation recorded a donation of $403,000 of land to the DeLay Foundation For Kids but the DeLay Foundation never took title to the land according to Fort Bend property records.

    The land was recorded at $180,00 in the books of Oaks At Rio Bend. That is the same amount that the land was valued at by Fort Bend County when it was owned by the George Foundation. Only 30 of the 50 acres required to complete the project was donated.

    I'm trying to work out why there was a difference and I have some ideas that I need to check before I post. I don't want to assume skullduggery but we are talking Tom DeLay here.

    In Ellen Miller's post about the DeLay fundraiser that you link to here, I wrote that the DeLay Foundation did not record $360K in gross receipts from two golf tournaments held in fiscal 2002 until fiscal 2003. The spring 2003 was one of them.

    Do you happen to know the date of the DeLay Foundation spring 2003 golf tournament? In total, gross receipts from that tournament came to $1.2 million. $832k was reported in 2002 and $372k in 2003.

    According to the DeLay Foundation 2003 990, $1,573,000 of $2,183,22, or 72%, in contributions in 2002 were from "disqualified persons" as defined by the IRS.

    A "disqualified person" is one who can exert influence over a tax-exempt organization, in this case, the DeLay Foundation. The directors are the only ones that I can figure would qualify as "disqualified persons".

    Marcel Dubois and Bill Sarpalius, two of the lobbyists on the DeLay fundraiser list, were DeLay Foundation directors in 2002.

    In another Ellen Miller post at the TPM Cafe, I posted the 990 information from Jack Abramoff's Capital Athletic Foundation. In 2003, Abramoff's foundation donated $25,000 to the DeLay Foundation.

    Abramoff's foundation obviously is crooked because money is flowing in and out to Abramoff-controlled entities. You have to wonder if Abramoff thought no one would ever look at this stuff.

    I'm going to take a look at your archives later. I'm sort of new to the Delay scandals and I'd like to catch up.

    If you can tell me the date of that 2003 spring golf tournament, I'd appreciate it.

    By Anonymous mrs panstreppon, at 6:26 PM  

  • Oh what's that we have here again....Yep, all in the crime family. Delay will never keep his nose clean that much is obvious.

    You have the facts here and it looks good....send it to Ronnie

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:42 PM  

  • Delay buries himself with Matty Blunt along for the ride!

    Matt Blunt/Delay's records subpoenaed for court

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:39 PM  

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    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:42 PM  

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