Friday, November 18, 2005

Former DeLay aide Scanlon charged

Associated Press:

Documents filed Friday say that Scanlon and Lobbyist A recruited a member of Congress, identified only as Representative No. 1, with gifts, trips, meals, entertainment and campaign contributions to aid their effort to pass legislation.

Clearly, "Lobbyist A" is Jack Abramoff.

Representative No. 1? My money is on Bob Ney. Anyone know where I can place that bet?

UPDATE: Further in the AP story is this sentence indicating that there is likely to be a plea agreement Scanlon's entered into:

The filing of a criminal information, rather than an indictment, often means prosecutors have reached a plea agreement with a defendant.

That means the heat will turn up on others -- definitely Abramoff, but perhaps Ney, too. Let's watch Ney's statements over the weekend.......


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