Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Signed, a Washington, DC-based Political Hack

Rep. Roy Blunt's Communications Director, Burson Taylor, has sent a letter from Washington to the Springfield News-Leader in response to David's Monday editorial. It's too good to not post the whole thing...

With respect to the Ozarks Voices column by David Donnelly, please allow me to respond.

Mr. Donnelly is correct. Television stations that operate on the public airwaves have a responsibility to the public to air content that is truthful.

Unfortunately, Mr. Donnelly and his Washington, D.C.-based, George Soros-funded interest group have no such responsibility. They deliberately produced an ad that scurrilously accuses congressman Blunt of money laundering, a false charge that prompted responsible television stations in southwest Missouri to refuse to air it.

The Rely on Your Beliefs Fund, of which congressman Blunt is the honorary chairman with no voting authority or financial control, has contributed to the Missouri Republican Party each year since its inception. Rely on Your Beliefs never earmarks funds, and it did not do so in 2000. Rather, the fund contributed to the state party to support Republican candidates for office in Missouri. It stands to reason the party committee would contribute to Matt Blunt, a Republican candidate for statewide office.

Any comparison in the ad or elsewhere to Texas campaign finance law is inaccurate. Missouri law allows contributions from Rely on Your Beliefs to the Missouri Republican Party.

The News-Leader's willingness to allow readers from southwest Missouri to weigh in regularly through the Ozarks Voices column is an admirable feature. Surely your readers won't be swayed by a Washington, D.C.-based, George Soros-funded activist who probably couldn't find the Ozarks on a map. I hope you'll reserve space in the future for southwest Missourians who reflect the opinions and interests of the area.

Burson Taylor, Washington, D.C. The author is communications director for the Office of the Majority Whip


  • Isn't this grounds for a false-claim act lawsuit?

    Sounds like a free speech issue to me.....they don't want those commercials to be aired, because they uncover some nasty habits about congressman Blunt.....


    Time to force these stupid, ignorant fools to eat their words for their money laundering activity
    12 worst congressman: Blunt's at the top

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:52 PM  

  • Anything funded by Soros is suspect.

    His name is mud IMO.

    I wouldn't trust anything released by his cronies.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:30 PM  

  • Then make sure it isn't funded by Soros, and air these advertisements everywhere.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:21 PM  

  • I find it funny that anything considered "liberal" or "democratic" has to automatically have the name Soros attached to it. Please! do we really think that George is the only liberal in this country with money or an original idea?

    i guess you can thank the "liberal media" for the branding. The Republicans playing the Soros card is so predictable, its not even funny anymore.

    next thing you know, they will march ZigZag Zell Miller up onto Fox to blame Soros for abortion, 9/11, the war in Iraq, and the failed attempt to hijack Social Security.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:20 PM  

  • By Blogger Bob O'brian, at 9:58 PM  

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