Thursday, December 08, 2005

Abramoff's decision

I agree with Josh's take on this Sun-Sentinel story regarding Adam Kidan's guilty plea-to-be. Kidan was Abramoff's business partner in a shady and fraudulent deal to buy Sun Cruz casino liners, which led to the gangland-style murder of the previous owner.

It's possible Kidan will implicate Abramoff in the conspiracy to commit murder. But he'll also lay the federal charges of fraudulent money dealings at Abramoff's feet (they forged documents to represent that they had much more money available to buy SunCruz and convinced the bank they'd wired the money). The reason for prosecutors to allow Kidan to enter a plea in exchange for some leniency (you have to guess that's the case) in giving up Abramoff is that they want to squeeze Abramoff for bigger fish. And that's not just Rep. Bob Ney. Michael Scanlon's guilty plea a few weeks ago, and his cooperation with authorities is enough to bag Ney.

My guess is that Abramoff will be squeezed by DoJ to provide information implicating Tom DeLay or a host of members of Congress, including DeLay, Ney, Sen. Conrad Burns, Rep. Richard Pombo, Rep. John Doolittle, and maybe others.

That's because it's not just this SunCruz case that's boxing Abramoff in. Let's take a snapshot of where these investigations stand, and how they're merging:

SunCruz investigation in Florida. Three people arrested for murder. Abramoff business partner Adam Kidan turning state's witness in exchange for something. Abramoff under indictment. When new charges are entered next week on Kidan, we'll know the scope of the information he provided to the investigators.

Native American tribe fleecing. Former DeLay staffer Michael Scanlon pleads guilty to bribery and agrees to pay $19.5 million and restitution. Turns state's witness. Rep. Ney and Jack Abramoff implicated in plea agreement.

Northern Marianas Islands. Gov. Elect Fitial cooperating with DoJ's investigation into Abramoff's lobbying. DeLay key figure in Abramoff's dealings, including taking a trip to the islands.

The direction of these investigations are merging toward one important linchpin target: Abramoff. Who will he take down with him? Does he have the ability to negotiate at all with prosecutors at this stage? One thing is clear... this is moving rapidly. Stay tuned.


  • Kidan & Abramoff will sing, and then its bye bye half of Congress....along with Delay. Pack your freaking bags.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:45 PM  

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