Monday, December 05, 2005

BREAKING: Judge upholds money laundering charge against DeLay; DeLay to go to trial

Judge Pat Priest just upheld the money laundering charge against former Majority leader Tom DeLay. He threw out the conspiracy charge. DeLay, it seems, dodged one bullet, but is heading to trial anyway. Let's see how they spin this one.

It's time for DeLay to resign, and for your representative to demand that he step down.

Here's the AP story.

Key 'graphs, emphasis mine:

A judge dismissed the conspiracy charges Monday against Rep. Tom DeLay but refused to throw out the money-laundering counts, dashing the Texas congressman's hopes for now of reclaiming his post as House majority leader.


After he was indicted in September, DeLay was required under House rules to relinquish the leadership post he had held since early 2003. While Monday's ruling was a partial victory for DeLay, he cannot reclaim his post because he remains under indictment.

At a hearing Nov. 22, DeLay's lawyers asked for a quick decision on their request for dismissal of all charges, and, if the ruling went against DeLay, a prompt trial, in hopes that he could regain his leadership post by the time Congress reconvenes in January. The House is expected to return late next month.

But the judge said at the time that it was unlikely the case would go to trial before the first of the year.


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