Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Two emails

I received two interesting emails within a few minutes of each other that I thought I'd pass along.

The first pointed to this post at Think Progress by Amanda describing how desperate DeLay & Co. must have been to fill the room that they let in a protester for 10% of the minimum donation.

The second recommended a Modesto Bee article about California Rep. Richard Pombo's donations from and connections to disgraced Jack Abramoff. Pombo, it seems, supped a few times at Signatures, Abramoff's swanky restaurant. He claims he ate there only "because some constituents asked about it."

"That's not the kind of place I would normally hang out at," Pombo said.

So who were those constituents? And do you take us to be so gullible?


  • Mr. Pombo thinks he is in a safe district, mostly agricultural, etc. But there has been a huge building boom in his district and thousands of folks from the more moderate to liberl East Bay and South Bay have dramatically changed the traditional demegraphic. Well liked and well known politicians of both parties are being urged to run against Pombo. We are upset with his ties to DeLay and his assault on environmental legislation of the past 40 years.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:24 PM  

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