Thursday, January 05, 2006

Early round-up

The New York Times writes up the leadership fight brewing, with members scattered around the globe. The short version: DeLay aint coming back as Maority Leader.

AP reports on DeLay donating Abramoff's donations to charity. I have two questions on this:

1) Why do we let these politicians make lemonade out of lemons by supporting charities with dirty money? The tranaction is done. What was bought has already been bought. Let's not make a big deal about some altruistic gesture. It's like a cook finding a big fat rat in the soup who takes it out and gives it to your cat. We're supposed to feel good about that?

2) What about those Enron donations, Tommy? Now that money could have been donated to people who lost everything because of your pals at Enron.

Former Rep. Steve Stockman is entering the fray in TX-22 as an independent, reports the Houston Chronicle. Interesting development. Charles Kuffner has more to say.

And the LA Times has the political implications for Republicans. It's a good read.

More later. (Probably.)


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