Thursday, January 12, 2006

Lots of News on our Ads

Today the Houston Chronicle runs a story saying that our DeLay ad is running on cable and on the Internet but that broadcast stations have caved into pressure. One key quote from the story:

Dallas attorney Joe Chumlea, who has handled several libel and defamation cases, said [DeLay attorney Don] McGahn likely would not have had a strong legal case against stations running the ad because the Supreme Court provides broadcasters with the highest level of protection when it comes to political ads. Broadcasters can only be liable for damages if they air something that they know is false or recklessly ignore the fact that it could be, he said, but someone such as McGahn telling a broadcaster that an ad is false doesn't meet the standard.

See the ad here:

Lots more covereage on the ad:

Houston Chronicle, Samantha Levine, - “Ads to focus on DeLay controversy” (1/9)

Roll Call, John Bresnahan, - “Texas Appeals Court Denies DeLay Request for Quick Trial” (1/9)

Washington Post, - “3 Houston TV Stations Refuse DeLay Ads” (1/11)

Reuters, Jeff Franks, - “Houston TV stations withhold ads attacking DeLay” (1/11)

KHOU, Jeremy Desel, “Some Houston TV stations will not air ad targeting Tom DeLay” (1/11)

KGBT 4, - “Houston TV stations refuse to air ads critical of DeLay, Ney” (1/11)

Houston Chronicle, Samantha Levine, - “Anti-DeLay ad surfaces on cable, liberal Web sites” (1/11)

Political Affairs, Joel Wendland, - “The Abramoff Scandal: Bringing Down the Republicans” (1/12)

Chillicothe Gazette, Malia Rulon, - “Groups target Ney in radio, billboard ads” (1/11)

KWTX 10, - “Ads Targeting DeLay Run Starting Wednesday” (1/11)

Capitol Hill Blue, - “Houston TV stations don't like ads that tell truth about DeLay” (1/12)

Broadcasting & Cable, John Eggerton, - “KHOU Pulls DeLay Ad” (1/11)

The Business of Television, John Eggerton, - “Broadcasters Benefit from Lobbygate” (1/9)

Houston Chronicle, Samantha Levine, - “Channel 13 pulls TV ad linking DeLay, lobbyist” (1/11)

Denton Record-Chronicle, - “Activist groups target DeLay, Ney with ads highlighting scandals” (1/10)

The Hotline, - “DELAY: A Tribal Connection” (1/11)

The New York Times, - “National Briefing” (1/11)


  • Great job, looks like you guys really got a publicity coup going :)

    p.s.- i blogged about this as well, here.

    By Blogger Arlen, at 1:49 PM  

  • I also blogged this.

    By Blogger Leslie, at 6:07 PM  

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