Thursday, January 26, 2006

Majority Leader election in the era of DeLay

Our partners at Public Campaign and allies at Campaign for America's Future have teamed up to release three online videos lampooning the leadership election in the House.

Watch them here.

There is a need in this Congress to address systemic reforms, not just do window-dressing. The GOP looks headed toward using a new leadership election to proclaim a break from the DeLay legacy. But they cannot wipe away DeLay-ism with a new election. They have to change the rules of the game to prevent those addicted to and drunk with power from repeating DeLay's disgraceful big money agenda.

I particularly enjoyed this USA Today editorial on the issue, which is best summed up by this passage:

The leadership race demonstrates how Congress' corrupt culture extends beyond DeLay and Abramoff. Those who rise to the top tend to be the smoothest practitioners of the system: corporate lobbyists provide money and perks to gain access and legislative favors, and lawmakers use the money to win campaigns and earn colleagues' fealty.

It's a seamy game Republicans certainly didn't invent, but one at which the two leading contenders for majority leader excel. Blunt and Boehner are both calling for changes, but it's hard to take them seriously when they're so much a part of the problem...

Blunt and Boehner have their chances to respond, but after being skewered by the editorial, it's hard to take them seriously, particularly Blunt. Just take a look at FiredUpMissouri to get a taste.


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