Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Radio Alert!

I'm going on NPR's "To the Point" show, hosted by Warren Olney, today. The topic is lobbying reform. The guests include Rep. David Dreier (the House Rules Chairman who has been tapped by Speaker Hastert to manage the House Republican leadership's reform proposal), Jan Baran (former counsel to the RNC), and Larry Noble (executive director of the Center for Responsive Politics, and former counsel to the FEC). The show airs live from 2-3pm eastern (we're on from about 2:20-2:45); check your stations for local listings.

One thing you should know about Rep. Dreier, if he does appear on the program. (The producers weren't 100% sure). He makes it a condition of his appearance that he will NOT interact with other guests, only with the host. God forbid he should have to answer a question from a plain old citizen of the USA!


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