Friday, January 27, 2006

Rich Lowry is wrong ... and right

Over at National Review, Rich Lowry says John Shadegg is the reformer in the Majority Leader race:

Underdog Shadegg, a member of the historic class of 1994, has no inside advantages whatsoever. He has only a clean image, a serious commitment to reform, and a refreshing insistence that the GOP get back to its government-limiting basics. He offers a fresh start.

Wrong (flash).

But he is right about Roy Blunt ("Blunt has run the oldest possible old-style campaign. His appeal is partly based on the money and favors he’s given other members of Congress, and on pressure to be with the winner.") and John Boehner ("he is a practiced K Street player").

Blunt (flash)

Boehner (flash)


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