Tuesday, January 31, 2006

State of the Union Drinking Game -- DeLay Edition

Early press reports say President Bush's speech is likely take him about 24 minutes to deliver, but to expect the whole address to last an hour while Members of Congress and assorted dignitaries interrupt to applaud their favorite lines.

To help you enjoy the evening, we've prepared our first ever "State of the Union Drinking Game--DeLay Edition." Here are the rules (feel free to add your own):

1. Every time President Bush uses the word "lobbying reform," chug a beer.

2. Whenever the camera shows Tom DeLay, take a sip of Bacardi in honor of the $20,000 in corporate money that Bacardi USA illegally gave to his Texas PAC.

3. If DeLay is smiling, add some Russian vodka in honor of the $1million his U.S. Family Network charity received from Russian oil and gas tycoons, allegedly to buy his vote on an International Monetary Fund loan to Russia.

4. If DeLay coughs, take a swig of beer, in honor of his friend David Rehr, formally a lobbyist for the National Beer Wholesalers Association. Under Rehr’s influence, DeLay tried to block tougher drunk driving laws back in 2000.

5. If you see either Rep. Roy Blunt or Rep. John Boehner shaking hands with their colleagues, in their last-minute push for votes to succeed DeLay as Majority Leader, light up a smoke in honor of their work for Big Tobacco (Blunt attempted to slip tobacco-friendly language into the Homeland Security bill; Boehner once actually handed out campaign checks from tobacco interests on the House floor).

6. If the President actually mentions Jack Abramoff by name, try not to choke on a pretzel.

Remember, drink as responsibly as Members of Congress fundraise.

Just don't get drunk on power.


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