Saturday, January 07, 2006

Statement On New Congressional Leadership Elections

Statement of David Donnelly, National Campaigns Director of Public Campaign Action Fund, On New Congressional Leadership Elections

"It will take more than new leadership elections to remove the stench of scandal from the Republican Congress. Those running to replace Tom DeLay represent the money swamp in Washington. Roy Blunt is nothing but Mini-Me to DeLay's Dr. Evil. John Boehner is infamous for getting caught red-handed delivering Big Tobacco's campaign contributions on the floor of Congress.

"The era of Tom DeLay is over. But his legacy will still continue unless Congress takes up a big, bold reform agenda, which must include public financing of elections, in order to take power away from the big money drowning Washington. Neither the Democrats nor the Republicans have yet proposed a comprehensive reform package which puts voters in control."

Public Campaign Action Fund is a nonprofit watchdog group working to hold elected officials accountable and to enact far-reaching political reforms which level the playing field and puts power in the hands of the people.



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