Friday, February 24, 2006

DeLay's Pre-Primary Report

Tom DeLay had to file his pre-primary fundraising and expenses with the FEC.

What do you see of note?

Here are some interesting notes:

No media expenses I can tell.

DeLay spent $92.01 for pest control on 2/8/06. I guess those cockroaches follow him everywhere, like homing pigeons.

He spent $3895 on rent in January and February. That seems very high.

He spent about $14,000 on telemarketing. Is this a fundraising expense, or voter conact?

He bought a dataset -- targeted voters -- from the NRA. Is the $962.01 fair market value? And another $2900 to Texas Right to Life PAC for list expenses.

He paid $110,000 to McGuirreWoods for legal fees. Why not the legal defense fund for this expense?

He spent more than $16,000 on direct mail and thousands more in postage -- I guess that's the 8-page letter.


  • DeLay did nothing wrong. Bush's new policy is thief and corruption. We have not constitution and thereby all friends of the President can do anything they want to. As for money, who cares that the taxpayers or indians money was stolen by the GOP. Americans should be greatfull the Bush allows us to live here. As for minorities, well our country became rich on the backs of them so now that we're in debt let slavery come back. Oh not the Saudi's or other friends of the Bush Administration. Only Americans that are minorities that were born here in the USA. Now the people that should be charged with crimes are all those do gooders who think that this country should go by the rule of the constitution. Let the Supreme Court bring back our wonderful past were hangings were the entertainment of the day. Or have blacks make fools of themselves. This time please don't education the slaves thereby keeping them in their place. Maybe keep people like Connie Rice as the one show because she follows her master and says we sick master. Not many blacks would do that today so she's good and is a true slave. I'm glad I read American history so I know how all this will turn out. I also remember the fall of the Roman Empire so it'll be the fall of the USA.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:21 PM  

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