Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Feds Subpoena U.S. Family Network

Remember the U.S. Family Network? This is the operation run by by Ed Buckham, formally Tom DeLay's chief of staff, that reporteldy received most of its funding in the late 1990s from clients of Abramoff.

Now federal investigators have issued a subpoena for documents relating to the group, reports the National Journal.

Of special interest to the investigators is the $15,600 that the group paid to Liberty Consulting in 1999. That firm was run by the wife of Tony Rudy, who was DeLay's deputy chief of staff before he became a lobbyist at Abramoff's firm. Rudy is one of the two former Hill staffers mentioned in Abramoff's plea agreement who offered legislative help after receiving gifts and other favors. According to the National Journal,

The subpoena asks for U.S. Family Network documents relating to Abramoff; Tony and Lisa Rudy; DeLay and his wife, Christine; Buckham and his wife, Wendy; and several dozen other individuals and groups that have been linked to Abramoff by investigators and news reports. Others mentioned in the subpoena include Ralph Reed and Grover Norquist, two of Abramoff's longtime friends who played roles in some of his lobbying activities for his Indian casino clients.

The whole gang!

Of course the U.S. Family Network is also the same group that received $1 million reported to come from Russian energy executives to influence DeLay's vote on an issue related to funding from the International Monetary Fund to help the troubled Russian economy and its business elites.

We told Houstonites about all this in an ad several weeks ago. View it here.


  • He is so corrupt I can lick the floor with it, un-fucking believable!!

    We need people like this guy in congress, everywhere:

    Draft Kreider for Congress

    Enough of this shit!!! I want convictions of these bastards, and democrat leader Rahm Emanuel! He's a mafia boss, and he forced Hackett out of the races.

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